Living Rooms are a Major Focal Point in Your Home

Your living room is probably the best place to express your personal sense of style in your entire home. The living room reveals much of its designer’s personal taste, way of living, and style and standard. The living room tells much about your family temperament i.e. whether you are formal and stately or free-and-easy going personalities.

Your living room is the first place you go while entertaining guests, reading, watching TV or other such activities. Living rooms are sometimes also known front rooms, or parlors. They are called sitting rooms, particularly in the UK, and lounge rooms or lounges in Australia. The idea of the modern living rooms seem to have developed from the Medieval Christian “Parlours,” which used to be the rooms in monasteries or convents where the monks or nuns could receive visitors.

The word Parlour (or parlor) actually came from the French word parloir, from parler (“to speak”), denotes an “audience chamber” – the room with open windows to catch the breeze, and having a door communicating with the outside by which persons seeking an audience may be admitted. The modern parlours are formal sitting rooms in large houses or mansions. They usually contain the best furnishings, works of art and other display items to entertain visitors. Hence, your living rooms are mainly meant for entertaining guests. Sometimes, you use your living rooms as more formal and quiet entertaining places, and you have separate recreation rooms or family rooms for more casual activities.

Typically, your modern living rooms are well decorated and furnished with sofas, couches, chairs, occasional tables, televisions, music systems, bookshelves, and other pieces of furniture. These rooms exhibit fine furnishings, artworks, aquariums, flowerpots, sculptures, taxidermy works, paintings, wall hangings, fine lamps, etc. Traditionally, your sitting rooms in the United Kingdom have fireplaces.

However, your fine furniture pieces always help making your living rooms fantastic. Your living room furniture usually includes some of the unique, antique, and magnificent looking ultra comfortable furniture pieces. Often, the colors of drapery, fabrics, and furniture accessories are lovely that create lively and friendly ambience in your living rooms.