Commede IX

There is no substitute for quality and craftsmanship when it comes to choosing furniture. Made in a classic style, furnished in traditional colors, and crafted with an eye for luxury, there is nothing else like Commode IX. Commode IX takes inspiration from Italian luxury furniture, and delivers a warm touch and upscale sensibilities for the home.

Commodes are practical and attractive. They serve a range of purposes in the home. They make great dressers in the bedroom, yet can be used for home storage in the living room, or within the home office. With overall dimensions of 61″ wide by 21″ deep by 36″ high, the Commode IX upgrades your storage options while serving as a true European classic statement piece, given its design and construction.

Commode IX has a sweet Renaissance-inspired painting on its face and luxury gilt edging on every side. The classic white tones of this piece make it easy to integrate into your existing style of decor, or to use this one of a kind piece as your design inspiration for a home transformation. This classic meets modern commode pairs well with other Italian inspired furniture designs and luxury furniture lines.

Commode IX is handcrafted by European furniture makers who adhere to traditional methods of construction. The quality is evident in the superior workmanship of this European classic commode. Common IX ships with its own Certificate of Authenticity, which proves its unmatched quality, workmanship, and construction.

If you seek a luxury furniture dresser that is truly unique, Italian in style, and built to stand up as an heirloom treasure, shop Commode IX now. You’ll be amazed at the low prices on these unique pieces of European classic furniture.

Italian Commodes

Description Dimensions Price
COMMODE IX 61″ W x 21″D x 36″H CALL