KOM XII Commode

European classic furniture brings high end style to homes across the globe. KOM XII Commode is made in the Italian style, offering function as well as the elegance and timeless nature expected of European furniture. This versatile piece will be a welcome addition in the home.

Ideal for storage of clothing and home goods, the KOM XII Commode is hand crafted by master artisans who use the finest materials. KOM XII Commode features hard wood and brass decor, along with a stunning black and white painting featuring gondoliere. The whimsical nature of this piece will evoke memories of Europe.

With tones of vibrant gold, charcoal, and pure white, the KOM XII Commode makes a sophisticated statement. The classic neutral colors can easily blend in with your existing design palette, or be the stunning showpiece around which you design a room. Since this piece has both modern touches and traditional sensibilities, it can easily be at home in contemporary or classic spaces.

When it comes to decorating with furniture, it’s important to spend money on classic furniture pieces that will retain their value over time and are crafted from quality natural materials. KOM XII Commode delivers on these promises by bringing together artisan craftsmanship, fine materials, and luxury design sensibilities. The techniques and materials used in this piece of luxury furniture will stand up to daily use, allowing your commode to retain value and quality even with heavy use.

The commode ships with a certificate of authenticity that attests to its high end, handmade craftsmanship, intricate design, and superior quality. Reserve this one of a kind Italian commode for yourself today and transform your home with exquisite luxury furniture crafted just for you.