Morfeo Luxury Bedroom Furniture

Your bedroom should feel deluxe, grand, and luxurious. What better way to transform a bedroom than with luxury furniture from the finest European furniture makers. The Morfeo Luxury Bedroom Series brings together classic Italian styles and premium materials to create a winning look.

To develop this collection, designers drew inspiration from classic Italian furniture design, bold colors, and both modern and historic materials that look and feel premium.

Morfeo Luxury Bedroom Series uses bold color and plush sizes to make a statement. Creamy white or rich red Italian leather is hand tufted and adorned with Swarovski crystals on the buttons. Sturdy fused bronze, which is then plated with nickel or gold, adds a luxury gleam. All of these little details make the Morfeo series truly one of a kind.

The Morfeo series contains five pieces of Italian furniture for a full bedroom furniture series: A king-sized bed, a dresser with mirror, a bench with storage inside, and bedside tables. All of the pieces feature genuine Italian leather, renowned for quality, and Swarovski crystals. Call for prices on these beautiful pieces.

All of our luxury Italian furniture comes with certificates of authenticity to prove their premium value. The entire Morfeo series is handmade by artisans and who understand the value of fine European craftsmanship, especially when paired with high-end materials such as leather and Swarovski crystals.

Featuring nickel or gold edges and bold red or white leather, the Morfeo collection is far from subtle. Its bold colors, classic shapes, and large stature signify exclusive workmanship and true luxury furniture for individuals with exquisite taste.

Fall in love with our exclusive Italian bedroom furniture today.

Description Dimensions Price
Morfeo King Size Bed 83″ W x 88″ L x 82″ H Please Call
Morfeo Bedside Tables (Leather w/Swarovski Crystals) 30″ W x 22″ D x 28″ H Please Call
Morfeo Dresser (Leather w/Swarovski Crystals) 65″ W x 29″ D x 36″ H Please Call
Morfeo Bench (with storage and Swarovski Crystals) 50″ W x 21″ D x 21″ H Please Call
Morfeo Mirror for Dresser (Fused Bronze) 57″ W x 50″ H Please Call