Nettuno Poltrona Occasional Chair

The elegant Nettuno Poltrona Occasional Chair is a beautiful statement piece, made with love by those who desire the finer things of life in mind. The Nettuno Poltrona comes nickel plated and hand-tufted with Swarovski crystals. The overall effect is pure, understated elegance with a blend of practicality and durability; just right for you. This beautiful, Italian Avant Garde-Armchair finished with casted bronze is 100% Italian made. It features a high pinch-quilted backrest finished with casted bronze decorations. These chairs are crafted by professional, Italian craftspeople who represent the quality, luxury and comfort you have become accustomed to with the Luxury Furniture and Lighting brand.

The Nettuno Poltrona Occasional Chair is named after the town of Nettuno in Rome, just 37 miles to the south. The town is known as a popular tourist destination and has quite a few well preserved artifacts. The culture of preservation certainly shows in the design of the Chair as Poltrona chairs are built to last and are seen everywhere as a trademark of quality.

We take great pride in retailing quality furniture for your satisfaction. As a result, our products are carefully handpicked to ensure they provide the luxury you deserve. The Nettuno Poltrona Chair is no exception. Trust Luxury Furniture and Lighting with your high end furniture creations.

Description Dimensions Price
Nettuno Poltrona 30”W X 25”D X 70”H $4,995.00