Pearl Sofa Set Luxury Living Room Series

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We understand the importance of getting the right set for your living room and only stock the luxurious sets your home deserves.

Shopping in our store is an enjoyable experience as we make it easy for you to find the right furniture to complement your high end decorating ideas. Luxury Furniture and Lighting has an exquisite collection of luxury Italian style sofas. Our beautiful Pearl sofa set is covered with exquisite Italian flannel and can be further customized to meet your needs. They can also come in two or four – seaters, making them perfect for a family home.

We strongly recommend the Pearl Square center table. It is a beautiful, solid wood center table covered in beautiful lacquer. It is another great piece of the luxury series and would complement any type of decor by adding that extra touch of sophistication. They are also the perfect spot for the stunning, Pearl table lamp, another beautiful part of the series.

We also recommend the Pearl Louis XV armchairs also covered with blue Italian flannel. They are perfect as corner or center chairs. These are the standard in extreme comfortability and they come with traditional arm rests for your complete relaxation. Louis XV armchairs carry a lot of history and can come with traditional, transitional or modern designs. Relaxing deep in our blue flannel covered Pearl Louis XV armchairs is an experience all in itself. We can’t wait for you to have that experience too!

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Description Dimensions Price
Pearl 4 Seat Sofa-fabric 121″ W x 47″D x 42″ H $7,295.00
Pearl 2 Seat Sofa-fabric 77″ W x 47″ D x 42″ H $4,295.00
Pearl-Louis XV Arm Chair 31″W x 30″ D x 45″ H $2,295.00
Pearl Square center table-Marble top 47″ W x 47″ D x 18″ H $3,995.00
Pearl Lamp table 26″ W x 26″ D x 26″ H $2,995.00