VISCAYA Luxury Dining Series

The “Viscaya” Series is inspired by the architecture and interior designed palaces in Europe. Highlights include the intricate forms on the upper part, and the fine combination of wood and bronze work finished in artisan gold.

Description Dimensions Price
VISCAYA 98″ DINING TABLE 98″L x 49″W x 32″H $12,995.00
VISCAYA 118″ DINING TABLE 118″L x 49″W x 32″H $13,995.00
VISCAYA DINING CHAIR 24″W x 25″D x 46″H $2,395.00
VISCAYA DINING ARMCHAIR 25″W x 25″D x 46″H $2,795.00
VISCAYA BUFFET 96″W x 24″D x 40″ $12,995.00
VISCAYA BUFFET’S MIRROR 74″W x 4″D x 66″H $3,495.00
VISCAYA 1 DOOR SHOWCASE 33″W x 21″D x 94″H  $8,995
VISCAYA 2 DOOR SHOWCASE 83″W x 25″D x 104″H $16,995.00