Europa Round Table Dining Room Series

Luxury Furniture Presents the all new “Europa” collection of dining furniture. Composed of solid wood, this magnificent classical European Style is the epitome of luxury

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Luxury Furniture proudly presents the Europa collection of dining room furniture. Composed of Solid Wood, Lacquer Veneer, Brass Accents, Floral patterns for the chairs. Europa Round Table Dining Room Collection is a must add for your Dining Room.

The Europa Round Table Dining Room Furniture Collection consists of 7 pieces including a Round Dining Room Table, Side and Arm Dining Room Chairs, Buffet, Mirror for Buffet, Single and a 2 Door Showcase Cabinet.

Our Europa Round Table Dining Room Furniture Collection will be the focal point of your Dining Room. You can host Dinner Engagements, family, and Parties that will make your friends and neighbors envious.

The Europa Dining Room RoundTable is an extremely timeless piece. The centered Round pedestal of the table showcases pure craftsmanship encased with rounded multiple brass accents. The center of the round dining room table has a rotating component that will allow you to simply pass the wine, table crackers, or anything that you wish without having to reach across the dining room to do so. The Europa Round Dining Room Table keeps guest and families closer together.

Up next is the Europa Collection Dining Room Chairs, these are fit for comfort. The Dining Room Chairs are composed of dining room side chairs and armchairs. The floral material patterns are embellished with burgundy and silver cloth for the backing. Pure Luxury and Charm

The Europa Dining Room Collection Buffet piece enhances the Dining Room Table and Chairs. In all areas you can see the craftsmanship and the purity of the solid wood, hand painted designs, black lacquer carved pieces, and fully accented with brass throughout the buffet.

The Europa Dining Room Collection Buffet Mirror enhances the entire Dining Room. The Buffet Mirror overlooks the Buffet Console offering completion of the Buffet Console. The design of the Mirror includes a colossal brass segment that rests atop of the Buffet Mirror.

The Final 2 pieces of the Europa Round Dining Room Collection is the Single Showcase Cabinet and the 2 door Showcase Cabinet. Both Showcase Cabinets have 4 glass shelves, this is where you can store your finest China or Crystal Dining Ware or even your top shelf wines and liquors. The Showcase Cabinets encompass the same craftsmanship as the Buffet Console, solid wood, hand painted designs, black lacquer carved pieces, and fully accented brass throughout the Cabinets

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