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European furniture designers create each piece using time honored craftsmanship. When you purchase European crafted furniture you know that a skilled furniture maker followed every precise detail of a talented designer to the smallest request. Quality materials and workmanship are combined in harmony to create beautiful pieces of furniture that will last for many years, never losing its original elegance and class. Modern European furniture styles have a perfect blend of traditional European charm and modern sophistication that is treasured by antique collectors and contemporary enthusiasts alike. Modern European furniture styles are known for it over the top design work and is showcased in many commercial showrooms, grand hotels or even in residential villas in tourist destinations all around the world. What makes this type of contemporary furniture so sleek and impressive is the inclusion of elegant lines, glass tops in varied shades and storage options for multiple purposes.

Italian furniture makers were influenced by the Neoclassicism and Empire styles in the 18th century. Italian furniture, with its timeless appeal and sophisticated look gives your home interiors a classy decor and make a compelling statement. Italian furniture can actually be quite radically diverse in design. Gio Ponti is one of the most famous Italian furniture designers of the modern world. While he was primarily an architect, Ponti brought great influence to modern furniture designers. When people step into a home decorated with Imported Italian Furniture, they enter another world, another era, when furniture wasn’t just something to use but something to cherish. That said, you can buy expensive Italian furniture and you can buy really expensive Italian furniture. Modern Italian furniture style is a good choice for those who enjoy fine leather chairs and sofas. Contemporary, Classic, or Modern Italian furniture is perfect for those who want to fill large spaces in their homes with furniture that is impressive with intricate design. Decorating with Italian furniture and accessories can cover a wide range of home owner tastes.

The 19th century brought the revival of several styles of Italian furniture such as the Renaissance, Gothic and Rococo. Designers once again began to draw their inspiration form Oriental and ancient art. If you are looking for the Italian furniture, the best prices, and the best quality – you are in the right place. Renaissance style Italian furniture was designed in a variety of fashions. The Design of Italian Furniture today is unique, edgy, and inventive. Decorating with Italian furniture and accessories can cover awide range of home owner tastes. The periods in Italian furniture making and the changes in style followed closely the pattern typical for the rest of Western Europe.

You know you want Italian furniture style, but do you know what style appeals most to you? The term Italian furniture could refer to an elaborate, classical headboard or it could refer to an ultra modern, sleek, white leather sofa. Stylish and sleek contemporary Italian furniture is available at Luxury Furniture & Lighting for connoisseurs and savvy individuals looking to enhance the look of their home. The quintessential Italian furniture has embraced its elegant history of art and excellent definitive expressions. If you’d prefer the perception of some Italian furniture you will find look a tad bit more eclectic, then you might make a choice or two key pieces to integrate to methods of furniture that you have at home. Even today many of the major multinational Italian furniture makers still design, construct and distribute form their base in Italy. In the 17th century Italian furniture designs were influenced by Baroque and Rococo, even though the latter style did not become hugely popular it had in other parts of Europe. On the subject of buying Italian style furniture, some people are likely to choose classical furniture as they quite simply feel it will fit better in their homes. On our travels through the world of Italian furniture, we’re always looking for talented artisan producers that are new to American consumers.

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